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Special 4K Wallplate IP Encoder: Pixelfly NEX-E500W
2020/7/9 17:32:44

Pixelfly NEX-E500W is a 4K wallplate IP encoder with multiple amazing functions. It can work with NEX-D500 decoders to transmit up to 4K video signal via a gigabit Ethernet network. Designed for video switching between HDMI and VGA inputs, it is a perfect solution for any signal routing applications, like homes, classrooms, conference rooms, broadcasts, etc.


Special Wall Plate Design:

The encoder can be easily mounted on the wall, saving you more room for installation. And it is engineered with both HDMI and VGA input ports for video source switching.


4K UHD Matrix System:

The wallplate encoder can be used with NEX-D500 decoders to build a scalable distributed IP matrix system with video wall function up to 16x16.


Perfect Low-Latency Solution:

With 1 to 2 fps end-to-end latency, the codecs can be applicable to scenarios requiring low-latency transmission, including classrooms, conference rooms and broadcasts, etc.


Multiple Functions Supported:

Other outstanding functions are also supported like bi-directional RS232, bi-directional IR, independent analog audio input/output, KVM, PoE, etc.


Flexible Control Options:

The control options include Windows PC configurator (PF-IP Console), PF-IP Touch on iPad and IP control box (NEX-MC10).


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