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The Trio of Presentation Switching System
2020/8/28 14:27:27

As modern meeting room applications become more flexible, efficient and integrated, and involve more remote participation, their related construction solutions play an increasingly important role in providing effective collaboration and driving business success for work teams.

Access the Meeting System, Whatever Forms and Interfaces

In a small or medium-sized meeting, participants may use a variety of devices with different interfaces. For instance, their laptops may be equipped with different display interfaces due to different years of production, including the common HDMI interface, the gradually popular USB-C interface, the early VGA interface, etc.

At the same time, an increasing number of people have become accustomed to using the wireless screen casting function. For those laptops with a new version of Windows operating system, Miracast is basically configured. Besides, Android and iOS mobile devices have become increasingly popularized with the rise of mobile office.

It is difficult to cater to all demands. Nevertheless, it is the duty of presentation switching system to enable a wide variety of devices with different interfaces to access the conference.

With rich experience in device access and presentation switching, traditional pro-AV manufacturers have provided comprehensive solutions for meetings of various sizes, while some emerging brands have developed its own path in wireless presentation. Among all these related manufacturers, it is worth noting that an innovative brand named Pixelfly has spread new ideas to the industry with its TRIO series products. The TRIO series presentation switchers seamlessly integrate traditional wired access and wireless presentation switching. They are plug and play, and provides quite simple solution configuration as well as adequate application flexibility for small and medium-sized meeting room applications.

Group Discussions & Overflow Meetings

As the forms of meetings become more flexible, their boundaries are more blurred. New technologies, new products, meeting organization structure and discussion methods influence and promote each other.

The new IP technology allows information transmission to break the rigid limits formed by original transmission media and meeting room space, making it possible to deliver meeting contents including audio and video in a flexible way.

Nowadays, most mainstream brands in the industry have released their own professional AV over IP products to help companies upgrade conference solutions. In spite of high cost, high professional threshold and other problems, IP-based solutions are still rapidly popularized under the joint promotion of the industry and the market. In this field, Pixelfly has adopted a very bold strategy, as its TRIO series presentation switchers have built-in IP encoding and decoding capabilities. It means that its conference system, equipped with a TRIO series presentation switcher, naturally owns IP network access capabilities. Whether in terms of advance planning or future upgrading, TRIO is fully prepared for flexible meeting applications such as group discussions and overflow meetings.

Video Conference Integration

In the past few decades, video conferencing applications have been developing synchronously with the Internet, audio/video codecs, embedded processors, cloud platform and other technologies.

The factors, including new technologies, new office concepts, corporate organization and management models, and even the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, have jointly promote the rapid development of remote communication and collaboration applications. These changes and revolutions can bring new opportunities for traditional video conferencing equipment manufacturers, software platform providers like Zoom, as well as the office market of the whole industry.

In terms of the integration of traditional presentation switching and video conferencing solutions, Pixelfly hopes to stand at the forefront of the industry. Its TRIO-WPS42U presentation switcher possesses almost perfect compatibility with video conferencing systems. It can work with traditional video conferencing device such as Poly, work with a dedicated PC with Zoom conferencing software to enable UCC video conferencing mode, and also work with a PC to enable open UCC mode. TRIO-WPS42U can perform perfectly in all these applications.

The future development path of manufacturers lies in continuously developing more suitable products, creating more flexible and accurate solutions, as well as helping integrators reduce the difficulty of installation and implementation and decrease the overall cost of the solution.

And for users, if choosing a right solution, their meeting applications can become more flexible and efficient, and their teamwork productivity can be much improved. Eventually, they can meet their present needs and face future challenges with ease.

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