Huddle Room Solution

Turn any shared common area into a constructive huddle space with Pixelfly TRIO W, the wireless presentation switcher which provides all features you need.


The wireless presentation system provides universal BYOD capability with HDMI, airplay, miracast and dongle inputs, as well as 1 HDMI output with multi-view function.

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    Free Sharing with BYOD

    The TRIO W presentation system enables every participant to share content from their own devices such as tablets, smartphones and laptops, making discussion and collaboration more efficient and pleasant.

    Collaboration with One Touch

    Beyond the wireless casting, we also provide USB dongle and HDMI / type-C dongle for extremely easy-to-use one touch projection.

    No Client App

    The TRIO W presentation system provides reliable compatibility with Airplay & Miracast, which were natively supported by your mobile device.

    2 Local HDMI Inputs

    The TRIO W presentation system even provides 2 HDMI inputs for optional wired connection requirements, such as room PC and document camera devices.

    Multi-view with Auto Layout

    The TRIO W presentation system allows up to 4 video sources displayed on a single screen, and the layout can be adjusted automatically when new sources are connected, whether the sources come from wired connection or wireless casting.

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    © 2019 PIXELFLY

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