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1.Why PC configurator or MaintainTool cannot find any coders?
Check that all the devices are powered on.Check that all the cables are qualified and connected properly.Check the status of the STATUS indicators on IPAV products to see if decoders and encoders are linked. If STATUS indicators are blinking.
2.Why does the audio device such as an amplifier or a speaker have no sound output?
l Check that all the devices are powered on.l Check that all the cables are qualified and connected properly.
3.How to select and configure the network switch in the HDIP system designed?
About the network switch’s selection and configuration for the HDIP system, we advise our customer refer to the GB’s network user manual. For those network switches on the manual, GB spent enough time to verify. So we can guarantee the network switch wor…
4.Why HDMIoverIPconsole just find part of TX/RX in the HDIP system?
A. Maybe part of the TX/RX in the system be set on the different IP,
5.How to set a Static IP on Your Computer?
A. ClickStart.B. ChooseControl Panel>Network and Internet>Network and Sharing Center>Change Adapter Settings, right clickLocal Area Connection, and then chooseProperties.
6.How to remote control a switcher?
A switcher may be remote controlled with wires or by a wireless remote controller.The wires may be either connected in parallel to the existing control switches
7.What’s the extender?
Commonly, limited to the max length of HDMI cable is just up to 15M, repeater or extender is necessary if the distance is more farther than 15M between the source device and the acceptor.
8.What’s the splitter?
Signal distribution is needed when one signal is to be received at several acceptors. A splitter will has one input port and many output ports (2,4,8 etc.).
9.What’s the difference between HDMI1.4 and HDMI2.0 products?
The major difference what we need to concern maybe is that the max bandwidth supported on HDMI1.4 products is 10.2Gpbs, max resolution supported is only up to 4K@30Hz YUV4:4:4 8bit.
10.What’s the scale feature mean?
Generally, scale feature including up scale and down scale. If a product support up scale, it will support down scale at the same time.
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